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Dread Pirate, who is he and why does he motivate?

"Dread Pirate will help you navigate life's uncharted waters with his calm reflections on steering your ship to success. He'll prepare you for a voyage of adventure and understanding.
Paul Kyriazi
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For centuries pirates have been an inspiration to sailors of all ages. Their tenacity, motivation and ability to overcome obstacles can teach us how better to live our lives. It is in this spirit that I, the Dread Pirate, motivate fellow sailors of life, via the written word and motivational speaking. As we all know, success is relative. I feel that I have been a success only because I have created an agenda, carried it out, and look to the future. All to often we become caught up in the steps of the process rather than the end product. What were once short entries on a personal weblog grew to become my first ebook. It is by far my greatest achievement. I have always wanted to publish something that would help others sail the backwaters of life. The Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls are the culmination of that desire.

Success is often more than just achieving a goal. It might be charting a course and never giving up on a dream. Success may also be setting a goal and surpassing even your own aspirations! No matter the destination; keeping it real, keeping it motivated and keeping it positive will help any sailor get there faster and with more energy for the next leg of the journey.


Special Personal Motivational Note from Dread to YOU.

Having a web log, and now my own e-publishing home, as well as an authors page on AuthorsDen.com. One positive email, began a cascade of events that has yet to stop. Given this background, I now feel that an answer to the above asked question is in order. I am no more, or less, qualified to motivate you than motivational speakers/authors such as Anthony Robbins, Gene Simmons, or a host of others that make a living inspiring the masses. What I offer, in my own unique style of writing, drawn from my wit, heart, and life's experiences, is nothing more than basic observations so many sailors of life miss, because we are to overwhelmed by life and its fast pace. I write for me, if you care to sail along with me for a while, and read my words, I would be honored. If you find a bit of treasure on your journey, then, both you and I, have been successful. All I offer are words that may help you along your voyage. Motivation comes from within; it is up to you who inspires and motivates you. Only you can keep it real, keep it motivated and keep it positive.


About DreadPirate.info

Having a web presence can mean a variety of things, but for an author, it all boils down to one thing, visibility. It occurred to me the one bright and shiny day that while my efforts have been scattered, they may have not been for not. I realized that I had the right idea about what I was doing, but I had gone about it in absolute reverse fashion. I had built a web presence in reverse so-to-speak. I had created very good parts, but had no real home port. I came to the solution that what was needed was a secret place that Crew, readers, and fellow sailors of life could go in order to see the entirety of the Dread Pirate's cyber-realm. Being a sly fellow, I managed to purchase a small island from a group of disgruntled islanders that had grown tired of golden sunrises and seventy degree year round temps.

Scuttlebutt has it that pirates buried treasure in the sand of their tropical island paradises. Dread Pirate's Secret Cyber-Island is no exception! Keep a sharp lookout for buried treasure here and there! Find the Dread Pirate's treasure map and you will have found the key to priceless treasure. Just as in your journey of life, you never know what treasure you may stumble across while sailing the backwaters of Dread Pirate's Secret Cyber-Island!

Shipmates, I welcome you to the absolute definitive resource on all things Dread Pirate! I hope that you enjoy your visit. Now, pass the rum will you?


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