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Dread Pirate is known internationally for his motivational and inspirational essays. Here on his official information website you can get the real inside story on the man behind the pen name. The website offers not only free full public domain ebooks, but information as to what started Dread Pirate's journey into the motivational genre, his mission, how to discover your own inner motivation and his personal email to you. The site is packed full of wonderful information about the pirates of old as well as website sponsors who have helped keep Dread afloat over the years. Remember, Keep it Real, Keep it Positive and Keep it Motivated.Dread Pirate's Secret Cyber-Island © and his motivational essays are for all sailors of life. Pirates were some of the most motivated and tenacious individuals in history. From being one of the first groups to practice democracy, to setting up the first workers compensation and retirement plans, pirates have always been on the cutting edge of the new and the brilliant. Their single-minded efforts to seek out and acquire treasure are legendary. It is from their inspired and motivated actions that we, as sailors of life, draw inspiration. From this island of hidden treasure, you can also launch to places like, Dread Pirate's author's page where you can read short stories and motivational poetry. Or if you care to you can take a slow boat to his e-publishing home Dread Pirate ebooks™ (™) you can search for hidden treasure in his absolutely INSPIRING collections of motivational essays in his ebooks. You may choose to read The Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls, the personal motivational web log of the Dread Pirate. If you are in the mood to turn over some of your hard won gold you can spend a few at the Ships Store and score some great Dread Gear.

You are about to enter the Dread Pirate's secret cyber hideaway, remember it's all about keepin', it real, keepin' it motivated and most of all, keepin' it positive.

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It may seem like the whole world is coming apart; inclement weather, unstable financial market, faulty relationships and horrid job. We have but one thing to remember as sailors of life…we are here, to meet, and rise above and conquer every challenge that we happen upon during the adventure we call life.

First we must learn to use time in all its aspects, fluidly and with unlimited vision. Just as the horizon lay in all directions, thus, time expands in all directions, through all dimensions of time and space. To be able to see all parts of time along with knowing your current position, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Time truly is the key to success.

Second, we must keep our expectations realistic and our outlook positive. Having a realistic understanding of the ebb and flow of life is critical to successfully navigating life's challenges. Realizing that it can be done, and that our journey through life is meant to be a positive influence on all we encounter is the ideal goal. Keep it real and keep it positive.

Finally, we have to stay motivated! Inaction is like sailing a tall ship in placid air. You are going nowhere fast. Forward movement, no matter how slow, is the best course of action. Being motivated takes energy so take time to take care of you. Eat right, get enough sleep and exercise when you can. Remember, the body is an incredible machine but it can take care of you only if you take care of it!

Remember, we have the best day dreams with our eyes wide open…

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